Our Pride

We use exactly the same traditional techniques, based on strict control of yields, manual harvests, and numerous tasks that are carried out by hand all through the year. Little or no chemical fertilizers are used, and careful use of organic fertilizers allow the vines to reach an advanced age, they are generally pulled out when they reach the best years.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God.”
― Martin Luther



加拿大的葡萄园多集中于南部, 其中许多都位于湖区的附近. 这是因为大型的水域能够缓解加拿大冬季和 早春极端寒冷的天气, 保护葡萄藤大陆性的气候带来了温暖而短暂的生长季和鲜明的昼夜温差, 令适合生长于寒冷气候的葡萄品种如黑比诺和雷司令有机会一展身手.

加拿大的葡萄园种植条件十分多样化, 因而出产众多的葡萄 品种. 雷司令, 长相思, 霞多 丽, 琼瑶浆和灰比诺 等白葡萄品种都有良好的表现, 黑比诺 以及 生长在较温暖地区的梅乐, 赤霞珠和西拉葡萄则是加拿大最成功的红葡萄品种.

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